Unprecedented marking accuracy. Full 3/16″ (5mm) of fine adjustment. Collet has a fine-pitch thread; one revolution moves wheel 1/32″ (0.8mm) Sharp hardened steel wheel cutter prevents tear out. Single bevel eliminates grain following. Cuts a fine line for accurate chisel positioning. Flush-mount wheel cutter for transferring dimensions. Recess in non-marring brass face protects wheel cutter when not in use. Metric graduated rod. Made in Canada

Marxman Marx-1-1

Unique and simple to use, the Standard Marxman marks most surfaces: tiles, walls, brick and metal with a brightly coloured chalk dot, showing you where to drill. The Standard Marxman is suitable for holes up to 45mm.[Please Note: The Deep hole model is not suitable to replace the standard model and will only mark 45mm and above NOT below as it is a specialist tool ] An invaluable addition to any professional or DIY enthusiasts tool box. Approx. 200 doses. Press It Mark It Drill it! Box Contains Marxman Marking Device