Timbertech Steel Letter & Number Stamp 36 pcs Set (4 mm) Workshop Household DIY Marking Tool

Practical, decorative or both at once – with this letter stamp set you will not make a mistake in workshop or in household.
Iron pins can ideally be stamped in steel or iron.
In addition to letters from A to Z, there are also included numbers from 0 to 9 and sign &.
You can, for example, to engrave tools or metal containers or simply to be creative in your own home.
How about, for example, the homemade inscription on the doorbell? Let your imagination run wild.


Letters usable from A to Z
In M size (4 x 4 mm) or L size (10 x 10 mm)
Including numbers from 0 to 9 and &
Practical for workshop, creative household
Ideally compatible with steel and iron
Engraving tools, metal containers and much more
Do it yourself! Decorative accessory such as doorbell signs
Made of sturdy iron


Size M

Box dimensions:
(L/W/H): ca. 7.5/4.5/4.5 cm

Engraving surface dimensions:
(W/H) ca. 4/4 mm

Weight: ca. 580 g

Size L

Box dimensions:
(L/W/H): ca. 17.5/7.5/4.5 cm

Engraving surface dimensions:
(W/H) ca. 10/10 mm

Weight: ca. 2.71 kg

Material: steel


1 x Letter stamp set (SLBS0) in M or L size (incl. storage box)

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